The Musical Doula

'When we utilize singing bowls or practice toning, the fine, harmonious vibration
instantly entrains us to the frequency of our own essence.' Mitchell Gaynor


The birth of your baby is one of the most important and life-altering events of your life. I believe that this event is yours to shape, not just experience.

My name is Sarah Dunston and I am a Brisbane-based Registered Music Therapist, Sound Birth Practitioner, and Doula. Since birthing my own baby in 2010, I have felt a desire to combine birth work with my skills as a music therapist. I now assist women to take control of their bodies by using their innate abilities to transform their birth experience, and I love the work I do. I can work with you and your partner to create a customised music playlist to assist you through every stage of labour. I can teach you to use your voice to ‘tone’ with a Crystal Bowl as a means of pain relief during child birth and I can also collaborate with you to write a ‘Heart Song’ for your baby – a unique piece of music that you can sing to them in and out of the womb.

For more detailed information on music therapy services offered for before, during, and after birth, please take a moment to browse my Services page, or get in touch with me here.

Create your own beautiful Heart Song for your baby

Your voice is a unique connector to your baby, and I can help you to use it in a profound way. As a Registered Music Therapist, I can collaborate with you to write and sing your own special “Heart Song” – a song that you have created for your baby to sing to them in the womb and as they grow through life. S/he is able to feel it and hear the words, the melody, and the intention of love and connection from her/his parents. As a piece of music they have heard from before they were born, the song becomes a familiar part of their sonic world, and when they are born it can even assist them with the transition from the womb to the outside world. By singing your Heart Song regularly you are building a relationship with your baby from the very beginning.


Learn how to use the power of your own voice to assist with pain relief during labour

As a fully trained SoundBirth practitioner, I have the skills to help you unlock the power of your voice so you can use it as a tool during birthing and beyond. Research has found that women who use music during labour have improved breathing, focus, and pain management, and found it helped them remain calm throughout birth and delivery (DiCamillo, M., 1999). During labour, I work to help you to connect with your primal self and find your voice using toning and crystal singing bowls for pain relief during birth. We will practice these techniques in sessions prior to birthing. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about SoundBirthing, or you can find out more here:

*DiCamillo, M. (1999). A bio­psycho­social model of music therapy assisted childbirth: an integrative approach to working with families. Doctoral Dissertation, Pepperdine University

Create the perfect playlist for every stage of labour.

Mothers-to-be have widely embraced the inclusion of music during birth, but did you know that each stage of labour requires different energetic and breathing responses, as well as different music? As a Registered Music Therapist and Doula, I can expertly guide you to create a playlist of preferred  music to assist you throughout the laboring process. This tailored playlist will help you regulate breathing, promote relaxation, and reduce perception of pain for each stage of labour and birthing. In addition, I can program music from your playlist during the birthing process to create the ideal birthing experience for you.