The Musical Doula

'When we utilize singing bowls or practice toning, the fine, harmonious vibration
instantly entrains us to the frequency of our own essence.' Mitchell Gaynor

Please note- the below packages are guides only. Packages can be tailored to suit your needs, which
will be discussed in the initial consultation session.

Pre Birth Relaxation Package

3x Pre-natal SoundBirthing Sessions using Crystal Singing Bowl and Toning for relaxation and to prepare for birthing
Total = $150

SoundBirth Basic Package

1x Assessment session to discuss plans/ expectations for birthing, and how music can be used as a tool to achieve them ($50).
3x SoundBirthing training session for you and your partner to learn how to use the bowl and learn to 'tone'($150)
1x Pre-natal relaxation session to reduce stress prior to birth ($60)
1x SoundBirthing assistant/ doula services during birth ($300)
Total = $560

SoundBirth DeLuxe Package

1x Assessment session ( $60)
1x SoundBirthing training session ($60)
3x Pre-natal SoundBirthing sessions ( $150)
2x HeartSong Creation Sessions ( $120)
2x Music for Birthing play list creation sessions  ($120)
1x SoundBirthing assistant/ doula services during birth ( $300)
1x Post birth reflection session ( $60)
1x Post -natal bonding with bub music therapy session ($70)
Total = $940